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100% Beeswax Twist Candlesticks - 2 Pack

The Twist Candlesticks are a showstopper!

Add a point of difference to your candlestick holders and let these candles shine on.

  • Made from 100% Beeswax
  • Unscented
  • Cotton Wick
  • 22cm High | 1.8-2cm Diameter
  • Burn time: Up to 9 hours
  • Handmade

The colour of the candles may differ from what you see on screen, due to the different batches of Beeswax.

Candle Care

We use 100% Beeswax in our candles and because we don’t use any additives, eventually a white film/dust on the outside of the candle will start to form, this is called “blooming”.  

This is perfectly fine to burn, but if the look is not taking your fancy, use a damp cloth to wipe it away.  

Please note it will come back after a while, as it’s a natural process of beeswax.

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