Nespresso compatible, compostable & bio base capsules are here!

  • 20 x Lola Coffee Compostable Capsules
  • Enjoy Lola Coffee without leaving a footprint on the earth.
  • Each capsule and pouch is made from a bio based material & are aluminium free, making them compostable.
  • Lola Coffee is a combination of ethically sourced Colombian and Brazilian beans, roasted in Melbourne completely from renewable energy!


  • Improves energy, thanks to it being a great source of caffeine.
  • Contains antioxidants, which combat inflammation.
  • Can improve mental focus.
  • Can reduces pain post work out
  • Has a high source of polyphenols, helping prevent Type 2 diabetes.
  • Black Coffee kills bacteria in the mouth, preventing cavities.
  • Improved Mood; that morning cup makes you feel that little bit happier.
  • As a result of the rich antioxidant content of coffee it can improve heart health.
  • Can help burn fat and boost energy pre workout.
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