Vegesorb is an economical, light, non-greasy moisturiser based on natural almond and apricot kernel oil.

Apricot kernel oil does not repel water as strongly as mineral oils, so Vegesorb is able to penetrate the upper epidermis to provide quick, effective moisture to the skin.

Vegesorb is colour and fragrance free and is safe to use on all skin types, even sensitive skin.

It can be used on babies as an all over moisturiser or nappy cream; on the face; and for many other purposes including shaving, cleansing and make-up removal and showering.

Vegesorb is petrochemical free, made from pure plant derived ingredients.


Purified water
Glycerin (plant derived)
Glyceryl sterate (plant derived)
Cetearyl alcohol (plant derived)
Almond oil (plant derived)
Apricot oil (plant derived
Cetearyl ethylhexonate (plant derived)
isopropyl myristate (natural mineral source)
Stearic acid (plant derived)
Vitamin E (plant derived)
Phenoxyethanol (purpose designed water soluble preservative)
Diazolidinylurea (purpose designed water soluble preservative)
Edetate sodium
Hydroxybenzoate (purpose designed water soluble preservative)

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