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Calendula is a herb that doesn’t always get the limelight it should.

It’s more commonly known as Marigold and is often in many people’s gardens.  

It comes in different forms and we stock creams, soaps and the actual dried flowers as it’s so versatile. Here is a snapshot:

  • Wound healing including burns, bruises, grazes and minor infections
  • Fantastic in creams for nappy rash
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Antioxidant
  • Has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral activity – can be great for fungal infections of the skin and nails. For the mouth and throat infections you can make up a gargle.
  • Can help with inflammatory gastrointestinal issues such as ulcers

A fun tip – You can make your own calendula oil at home – steep fresh flowers in oil of your choice (eg almond oil, olive oil, jojoba oil) for 1 week and then strain before use.  

Certified Organic
Country of origin: Egypt

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