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Honeycone Ear Candles with Filter 100% Unbleached Cotton - 2 in a pack


Beeswax, Unbleached Cotton.

Instructions on pack

Earcandle in a peaceful, draught-free environment.

Gather scissors, a small water bowl, massage oil, cotton-buds & skewer.

Ensure that the recipient is warm, comfortable & relaxed as they lay on their side. Massage around the ear and down the side of the face to the lymph gland using warm massage oil. Cover the side of the head and neck with clean cloth leaving the ear opening free. Insert the tapered end of the candle gently into the ear, lifting the earlobe a little & making a snug fit. The recipient should adjust the candle for comfort. The candle should be as vertical as anatomy allows.

Light the candle & check for escaping smoke. Adjust for snug fit if required. A pleasant warming of the ear canal is felt as the candle performs its gentle heat treatment.

The clean burning of the candle is important. Occasionally ashen wick may close the burning end over. Remove the candle and use scissors to make a clean cut of the residual ash at the combustion line. Drop the ash into the bowl of water. Clear the candle with a skewer. Relight the candle and place it back into the ear ensuring a snug fit as above. 

When the candle has burnt down to the last 6 to 8cm remove and douse in water. Check the ear. Any powder residue at the ear opening can be cleaned away with a moist cotton bud. Proceed with the other ear.

If more than one candle is to be used for a particular ear, they must be burned consecutively. If a series of candles are used in one ear, then follow-up with one candle in the unaffected ear.

Be aware when undertaking perceptual tasks after earcandling that one’s physical balance is derived from the aural region of the head. Proceed mindfully with driving, mountaineering, acrobatics, and other fine arts.

Honeycone Earcandles offer no guarantee these earcandles will benefit any person in any way. The advice herein is for your information. We recommend earcandling take place under the direction of a registered health care practitioner.

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