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Licorice (or Liquorice) root has been around since Ancient Greek times used for medicinal purposes and food.

Licorice is sweeter than sugar and is most well known as the confectionary. Although most of that today is flavoured with aniseed oil and not actual licorice.

The benefits of licorice root used as a tea or extract include:

  • Digestive issues - can heal peptic ulcers, over short period of time. Can also help mouth ulcers and gastritis due to is demulcent and soothing effects. It can be used as gentle laxative.
  • Widely used for bronchitis and coughs in general.
  • Can soothe inflamed eyes.
  • Resembles corticosteroids in its action which can stimulate the adrenal glands which can help Addison’s disease.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties – arthritis, inflamed joints, and some skin problems.
  • Licorice should be used with caution in those with high blood pressure or kidney issues.

Certified Organic
Country of Origin: India

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