Why use a natural sunscreen?

Why use a natural sunscreen?

Melanie Ryan

If you have followed us for a while, you will have noticed we love natural sunscreens.

But why? What is the difference from regular not so natural ones?

The ingredients are what sets them apart. Using natural ingredients is crucial for the following reasons:

1. Our skin absorbs the chemicals that we put on it straight into our blood stream. Do you really want chemicals on your skin and in your body?

2. These chemicals, when we go swimming in the ocean or rivers, goes into the water and can damage the environment. You will note many sunscreens claim they are reef friendly. The chemicals in some commercial branded sunscreens have been implicated in contributing to the die off of our reefs.

3. There have been numerous product recalls on sunscreens over the past couple of years due to them containing benzenes which is a chemical that is known to cause cancer. These products had to be removed from the market due to their possible health effects.

Benzene is not usually an ingredient in regular sunscreens, but if you stick with natural sunscreens that use minimal ingredients and no chemicals, there is less chance of possible future benzene contamination.

Check out the TGA website on the brands recalled here.

Why wouldn’t you use natural?

Shop natural sunscreens with us. Here’s a couple of our favs:

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