Wholefood or Synthetic Supplements – Which is Better?

Wholefood or Synthetic Supplements – Which is Better?

Melanie Ryan

For general maintenance getting your nutrition from whole foods or wholefood supplements is always going to be the better direction, however synthetic nutrients do have their place.

When we are trying to get therapeutic dosages of certain vitamins, minerals and other nutrients then synthetic supplements can be of benefit here. Higher levels can be reached through synthetic supplementation which can assist in addressing nutrient deficiencies reduced in our body. Many health problems can be caused by nutrient deficiencies.

A good example of when man-made supplementation may be required is with vitamin D deficiency. We usually get our vitamin D from the sun, but if there is minimal sun or you are not converting it properly in your body, then you can quickly become deficient and taking vitamin D supplementation can bring your levels up much faster than trying to spend more time in the sun.

Most studies showing what vitamins, minerals and other nutrients do in the body were done using synthetic supplementation, so we have a lot to go by when it comes to dosing and different forms.

Until more recently most supplements were synthetic. We choose to stock both wholefood and synthetic supplements to accommodate your preferences and individual health requirements.