What are the best ways to reduce inflammation?

What are the best ways to reduce inflammation?

Melanie Ryan

Inflammation is the root cause of many health issues faced today. You can take a natural approach to prevent or reduce inflammation in your body through diet, supplements and lifestyle choices. A snapshot of these 3 key areas is below.

1. Diet

Our top 5 anti-inflammatory foods to include daily:

1. Turmeric
2. Oily fish such as salmon or sardines
3. Ginger
4. Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil
5. Green leafy vegetables such as spinach or kale

2. Supplements

Our top 5 supplements for helping to reduce inflammation:

1. Turmeric
Fusion Curcumin Advanced is a great product.

2. Fish oil or Evening Primrose Oil.
For high strength and good quality, we love Herbs of Gold Triple Strength Omega 3 or Melrose Organic Evening Primrose Oil.

3. Quercetin
This nutrient has only recently had some publicity but is great at helping reduce inflammation. Our pick is Herbs of Gold Quercetin Complex.

4. Glucosamine
Fantastic for joint inflammation associated with osteoarthritis. We choose Herbs of Gold Glucosamine MAX

5. Spirulina
3g has more anti-inflammatory activity than 5 serves of fruit and vegetables. We love Green Nutritionals Spirulina available in powder or tablets.

You don’t have to take all these products. One can be enough to help fight inflammation!

3. Lifestyle

6 anti-inflammatory lifestyle tips to combat inflammation:

1. Eat anti-inflammatory foods daily (see above).
2. Minimise or manage stress as best as you possibly can.
3. Avoid foods that can cause inflammation in our bodies e.g. alcohol, caffeine, sugar.
4. Avoid smoking or second-hand smoke. (This includes E-cigarettes and vaping)
5. Get daily exercise like walking or take up yoga or pilates.
6. Take an anti-inflammatory supplement daily (see above).

Which of these do you do daily? Are you living an anti-inflammatory or pro-inflammatory lifestyle?

Incorporating just a few of the above suggestions into your daily life will have a positive impact on your health and go a long way to reducing inflammation in your body. Also note, you don't have to wait for symptoms to present before you start living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle - prevention is always better than cure!