The amazing properties of Passionflower

The amazing properties of Passionflower

Melanie Ryan

Not just a beautiful little flower, passionflower has some amazing properties!

Passionflower is most well-known for its sedative effect. It is required in higher doses for insomnia when used on its own and should not be used with any prescribed sedative medication. It is useful in getting to sleep. We stock several sleep supplement formulas such as Fusion Sleep that include passionflower and might be worth trying before taking prescribed sedatives if sleep is an issue.

In lower doses, passionflower is very popular for anxiety, nervousness and restlessness. We love the idea of a relaxing bath soak with Epsom salts and passionflower to calm and soothe you.

Other uses for this lovely herb:

  • Can assist in the psychological symptoms of cannabis, alcohol and opiate withdrawal
  • Can help as an anticonvulsant for seizures – can delay onset and decrease duration
  • Can assist with diarrhoea and painful periods by acting on the nervous system – this has been a traditional use for many years
  • Aphrodisiac
  • Can help suppress coughs including asthma related coughs

Teas are a lovely way to take this herb such as Love Tea Organic Sleep Tea. Or if you use the dried flowers in a tea infusion, then up to 2g of passionflower 3-4 times a day will see results.

It may take several days of regular intake before maximum effects are felt.