Our Top 5 Summer Health Essentials

Our Top 5 Summer Health Essentials

Melanie Ryan

Suddenly summer is on the horizon and we need to adjust to soaring temperatures and UV factors. We all know to support our health and immune system in winter to keep in good health, but our bodies still need extra love in the warmer months as well. Here are our top five summer must haves to keep you feeling great during the sunshine season.

1. A good drink bottle

Staying hydrated is one of the most important rules of summer and goes without saying that you need a reliable refillable drink bottle. Make sure it’s BPA free, and even better – use a glass, stainless steel or copper bottle. If it is lovely to look at, that won’t hurt either. The more you love it, the more you will use it!

Drinking water does keep us hydrated, but often we need a bit extra to ensure the water is actually being taken into our body’s cells. Adding a pinch of Celtic sea salt or a product like Fusion Magnesium Advanced Powder to our water bottle, can give us the extra hydration we need, especially if you are sweating more or doing more exercise. Not only does Fusion Magnesium Advanced Powder give you electrolytes to aid your hydration and replace those lost salts, the magnesium is also great for muscle recovery post workout.

2. Sunscreen

A very important factor if you are planning to be in the sun for long hours at a time. Find the right sunscreen for your skin, whether that be one that is more water-resistant (if you are a water baby), designed for sensitive skin, or a higher UV rating for those with lighter skin tones. Look for natural sunscreens as not only are they better for you to put on your skin, they are usually “reef friendly” too. We love Australian natural sunscreen brands Little Urchin, A Bit Hippy (vegan) and Eco by Sonya.

3. Sunburn Relief

No matter how much effort we put into protecting our skin from the burning effects of the sun, sunburn (hopefully only mild) is still a factor of summer if we are spending lots of time outdoors. Make sure you have a good aloe vera product in your cabinet such as Thursday Plantation Aloe Vera Gel for those mild burns. Not only soothing and cooling, but also helps to repair the sun damaged skin.

4. A good deodorant

Most of us need to up the ante in summer in terms of deodorant use due to being more active and feeling those intense hot day temperatures. Choose a deodorant that is kind to your skin and free of chemicals, especially aluminium. There are now a huge number of natural deodorants on the market that actually work and range from roll-ons, sprays to pastes. Most natural deodorants just deodorise, but there are some natural products that are also anti-perspirant. New to our range are Woohoo deodorant sticks which are housed in earth-loving cardboard tubes! So cool.

5. Bug protection

What comes with summery evenings by the pool or at the BBQ? Mozzies! A good natural insect repellant is a must if you want to be outside after dusk during summer. Natural insect repellants are safer for your body with less chemicals being absorbed through your skin. Or if you don’t want to put insect repellent on your skin then you can diffuse pure essential oils from our Springfields collection like Lavender Oil and Citronella Oil near you outside.

Explore our website and pop in-store to check out our carefully selected summer essentials. With all these at the ready, you will be able to enjoy the warmer months to the fullest.

What are your summer must haves?

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