Oregano Oil - What can this potent natural medicine do for you?

Oregano Oil - What can this potent natural medicine do for you?

Melanie Ryan

Oil of Oregano has many medicinal uses, most exceptional is its antiseptic properties. It has been used as a broad-spectrum “antibiotic”, but its properties extend to being antiviral, antifungal and antiparasitic as well.

It can be beneficial for more than just bugs though and can help with lung conditions, skin conditions (acne, eczema), teeth and gum infections and relief with bee stings and other bites. Least familiar are its pain killing properties especially where inflammation is present!

It can be used internally and externally depending on what is going on.

While oregano oil is available as an essential oil, we do not recommend taking pure essential oregano oil internally, unless it is a commercially made product especially designed for internal use such as Solutions for Health Wild Oregano Oil. Don’t just grab any bottle of essential oil.

Internally you would take for the following:

• Colds/flus
• Candida and other fungal overgrowths – you could take internally and topically
• Muscular pain including arthritis and fibromyalgia – you could take internally and topically
• Parasites of any kind – studies have shown very effective against giardia parasite

You can also use oregano oil as a vapour steam therapy and breathe in the vapours – the old head over a bowl with a towel works well.

This method helps:

• Asthma
• Whooping cough
• Pneumonia

Topically you can use it neat/undiluted (but test for any sensitivities first) or mix a drop or 2 in with a carrier oil (eg almond or olive oil) and rub into the affected area.

Conditions you may use oregano oil topically include:

• Acne
• Eczema/psoriasis
• Dandruff
• Warts
• Ringworm
• Athlete’s foot
• Stings
• Teeth and gums (rub in with a finger)

Oregano oil can be an alternative to using raw garlic for those that may be sensitive to garlic.

If you do decide to take oregano oil internally it is advised that you seek advice from your natural health practitioner to ensure you only take it for the time required and at the correct dose. You don’t want to eliminate all the good bacteria.