Is it better to take a powder or a tablet?

Is it better to take a powder or a tablet?

Melanie Ryan

Here are 4 reasons why it would be better to take a powder:

1. There are often less excipients (these are added ingredients needed when making tablets and capsules). The less excipients the better.

2. As a powder gets dissolved into water it can be digested and absorbed easier and quicker than a tablet or capsule which needs to be broken down and then digested and absorbed.

3. More therapeutic ingredients can be included in a powder form compared to a tablet or capsule. You can have a higher dosage of one particular nutrient or have a much broader range of nutrients in a powder formula. One powder may equate to several tablets/capsules you would ordinarily take each day.

4. Easier to take if you find capsules or tablets difficult. They are particularly helpful when giving supplements to children. They can often be “hidden” in smoothies or even made into ice blocks.

Why a capsule or tablet may be a better option for you:

1. You can’t deal with the taste of a powder – they are often quite sweet.

2. You find them more convenient to take on-the-go or when travelling.

3. You prefer to crush up a tablet and mix it with honey rather than drinking your supplements.

So, what's the final verdict?

Generally, a powder is a better option to take over a tablet. Some capsules can be broken apart and the powder poured into water. Your health practitioner may also have a specific reason why a tablet is better suited to your needs, so be guided by them also.