Here’s How We Are Supporting Local Businesses

Here’s How We Are Supporting Local Businesses

Melanie Ryan

Alter Your Health supports local businesses in a variety of ways, one of which is by stocking products from those in our immediate region and other places in Victoria. In light of these difficult times, we thought we would share a little about our local suppliers with you, to champion them further.

Anushka Chai, Woodend

Anushka Chai was formed in 2014 when couple Remy and Bonnie decided to create a chai blend that was easy for barista and home use that didn’t scrimp on great flavour. They sell from their flagship cafe, Fox in the Chamber, in Woodend, and we sell their liquid brew in our Kyneton store. During this incredibly challenging time for hospitality, their ability to adapt to change quickly to provide safe takeaway options and home delivery - whilst continuing to highlight other businesses in the community has been inspiring. 

Kis My Body, Mornington Peninsula

We stock Kis My Body’s organic and natural perfumes made from essential oils. They come in a variety of heavenly scents. After many customer requests to stock natural perfumes we were so thrilled that the range we loved was local! Kis My Body also hand-makes the most beautiful olive oil soaps which are organic, vegan and palm oil free. They are coloured with clay to maintain the balance of your skin and avoid breakouts. We wanted to stock the soaps package-free and they were only too willing to accommodate us. 

Dawson’s Honey, Bendigo

Chris and June Dawson produce this delicious honey. The bees which create this honey feed only on specifically selected flowers from Victoria. The honey is treated very carefully so as to bring you the purest and best flavours. With stock flying out the door last month, June was only too happy to personally deliver an extra 24 tubs to keep our customers happy. With 3 varieties to choose from there is a honey to suit all tastebuds. Our best seller is Mountain Honey. Delicious!

The Physic Garden, Melbourne

We stock The Physic Garden’s beautiful hand-made balms and deodorants. We love that this business believes in having as little impact on the environment as possible, being ethically sound and making products that are cruelty-free and vegan. The deodorant pastes are a favourite among our customers, even those who previously thought that natural deodorants don’t work. All of their naturopathically-formulated products are housed in plastic-free packaging. 

Caye Life, Melbourne

Caye Life was founded to support a more sustainable future. With single-use plastic one of the fastest growing environmental concerns we face, they wanted to contribute to change. This Melbourne based company creates water bottles and thermo cups that are high quality (made with stainless steel insulation), have eco-friendly packaging and no nasties (like BPAs). You will love the modern colour selection and sleek designs. The thermo cup is my personal favourite. Not only does it look great - it keeps my coffee extra hot and my kombucha chilled for longer.

WheatBags Love, Melbourne

We were thrilled to add these beautiful wheatbags to our product range earlier this year. WheatBags Love was founded 6 years ago by a former remedial massage therapist who knew how good wheatbags are for tight sore muscles but was frustrated by how ugly the standard wheatbag was! These beautiful looking and smelling wheatbags are 100% handmade in Melbourne using all natural and organic materials. The way they conform to any area of the body make them more comfortable to hold or hug than a hot water bottle. They make a wonderful gift for others or yourself.



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