Echinacea for Immune Power & More

Echinacea for Immune Power & More

Melanie Ryan

Echinacea has been long used in natural therapies, originally used by Native American tribes for snake bite and then used extensively in the late 19th and early 20th century by American practitioners.

It is one of the most used herbs in Australia today and we are now growing our own echinacea as is New Zealand.

It is most well-known for its role in supporting the immune system but has other uses as well.

When it comes to the immune system:

  • Can help viral infections particularly those of the upper respiratory tract including laryngitis, tonsillitis and sinus infections
  • It is commonly used for coughs and colds. It can be helpful with influenza, herpes simplex and urinary tract infections
  • Can also be useful for allergies

Other uses that may not be so familiar, include:

  • Using it as a mouthwash for gingivitis, periodontitis, bad breath or general toothache
  • Great for wound healing when using externally. Can be used for cuts, boils and abscesses
  • An anti-inflammatory – especially when used topically
  • An antioxidant – contains vitamin C, beta-carotene, flavonoids, selenium and zinc
  • Can be helpful with acne

A few favourite products we stock include:

This herb can be used across all age groups.