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Ashwagandha - Is there anyone who can't benefit from this herb?

Melanie Ryan
Ashwagandha is certainly a buzz word. Currently it’s being added to many supplements and food/drinks so that people can easily take advantage of this herb’s benefits.

Ashwagandha is also known as Withania somnifera, Winter cherry and Indian Ginseng. It has been widely researched in India with clinical trials starting in the 1960’s. Prior to clinical trials, it has been used for many years in traditional Ayurvedic medicine.

Here are 10 examples of what this herb can do:

1. Helps with anaemia as it is high in iron

2. Great for stress and nervous exhaustion, especially extreme stress – This herb helps us to adapt and cope better with stress. It helps us to conserve energy. It has been called Indian Ginseng as it has been compared with Panax Ginseng having similar benefits. The great thing about Ashwagandha is it is not stimulating like Panax Ginseng, which makes it more suited to those that don’t need overstimulation.

3. Mild sedative effects

4. Has memory and cognition improving effects

5. Can help recovery after acute illness

6. An anti-inflammatory – can help with arthritis including rheumatoid arthritis

7. Supports our immune function

8. Can decrease cholesterol

9. Can reduce greying hair

10. Can help with asthma and bronchitis

The big takeaway with this herb is that it’s a great tonic that has strengthening properties, particularly for its ability to restore vitality in those that are overworked or suffering from nervous exhaustion. Ashwagandha means “smell and strength of a horse” as not only does it have a similar smell but refers to it giving you the strength of a horse.

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