Melanie Ryan, Owner of Alter Your Health, Kyneton

Alter Your Health - Meet Melanie

Melanie Ryan

Melanie Ryan is the owner of Alter Your Health in Kyneton. Her store promotes natural health and wellbeing and sells products centred around nutrition, natural beauty and living a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle.

Melanie took over the running of Alter Your Health two years ago but her involvement in the health industry began a long time before that. After a long stint in graphic design, Melanie worked as a chiropractic assistant which sparked her interest in health. There Melanie learnt to view health in regard to the body as a whole.

For Melanie, her business is not about selling products to people but being genuine. ‘I love educating people about health, sharing in their journey and witnessing their progress’. Following her work at the chiropractor, Melanie moved into a sales assistant position in a health food store. She learnt as much as she could about the industry before deciding to take the plunge of owning and managing her own business.

Alter Your Health has been a fixture in Kyneton for around a decade. The business has evolved over time and Melanie has brought her own passions and influences. She has devised the layout, music and even scents of the store to create a welcoming and peaceful experience for customers. 

Melanie firmly believes in providing a high standard of service. Whilst there are plenty of big brand, discount and online health stores, she focuses on her relationships with the customers and providing personalised experience. Melanie wants people to feel good about their purchases, enjoy the service and advice and to receive value from their visit.

She and her employee, Laura, who is a qualified nutritionist, have received feedback that suggests they are meeting these goals. Customers have made comments such as: 

‘I feel like I am visiting a neighbour’
‘This store has such a great energy’
‘I feel like I’ve been welcomed into your home’

Melanie loves what she does and says the best things about her job are helping people, building relationships and making their days brighter. In the future she would like to increase her range of products, expand the online store and collaborate with other health professionals.

Melanie lives in Gisborne with her husband and two children and enjoys getting out with her family in her free time.

Would you like to visit Alter Your Health or do you have an enquiry?

Contact Melanie and Laura.

Facebook @alteryourheathkyneton
Instagram alteryourhealth_kyneton
Phone 03 54226131
Address 18 High Street Kyneton VIC 3444

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