5 Ways to a Healthier Christmas

5 Ways to a Healthier Christmas

Melanie Ryan

The key to a healthier Christmas is definitely to keep things simple and to be mindful. Taking that into consideration, here are 5 ideas to relieve the stress of the Christmas period and assist in making it more healthy and enjoyable.

Keep it simple
This adage can relate to all things Christmas related. If you keep your gift giving, Christmas plans and events as simple as possible, you will significantly lighten your mental load and tame the ‘busyness’. Suggest a Kris Kringle, say 'no' to some events, or delegate some tasks to others - your mental health and time with your family are more important than meeting the unrealistic expectations of others or yourself.

Mindful drinking
Many of us enjoy a drink over the festive season. Whilst we are not saying to forego your favourite tipple, be mindful of how much you drink. Instead of having that extra glass of wine, why not have a glass of kombucha instead and receive the added gut health benefits? 

Enjoy your food
More often than not, the Christmas and New Year period sees us rushing from one event to the next and overindulging. Why do we eat so much? Is it about making the host feel better or a sense of reckless enjoyment at this time of year? Absolutely you can enjoy your food, but you can do this without overeating. If you eat mindfully and listen to your stomach, your body will thank you later.

The festive period is a busy time which sometimes translates to our exercise regime going out the window. Change the time you work out, if need be, to still make it happen. Alternatively, keep your stress levels down with a meditation session at home, instead of hitting the gym as you normally would. 

Choose healthy options
What happens to your pantry at Christmas time? Avoid the temptation to fill your shelves with lots of packaged snacks and treats. If you invest just a little more preparation time into chopping up fruit or veggie sticks instead of emptying another chip packet into a bowl, everyone's bodies will benefit, plus you could make some really cool Christmas shapes to impress your guests. 

Christmas time does not need to be synonymous with stress and over-indulgence. Listen to your gut, be mindful of your physical and mental health this holiday season, and start the New Year feeling energised.