"Take an active role in protecting your health, wellbeing and happiness. You deserve to live life to the fullest!"

-Melanie Ryan
Health Coach & Owner of Alter Your Health.

Your new best friend. A non-greasy, natural finish, buildable foundation that offers medium to full long-lasting coverage.

The ultra-hydrating formula gives the perfect dewy finish while nourishing your skin with Vitamin E, peach and the star ingredient; oat milk.

Cruelty-free, paraben-free and 100% vegan. What’s not to love?


Spirulina the true superfood!

Include spirulina in your daily health routine for;

Nutrition, Energy, Immunity
And, 65% easily digestible protein.

We love Vitus Spirulina powder – from the cleanest water source within the mineral-rich Rocky Mountains.


Staying hydrated never looked so good!

Make being kind to our Earth a part of your everyday lifestyle.

These glass smoothie tumblers are the perfect reusable cup for all your smoothies, juices and iced coffees.

Made from high quality borosilicate glass, a natural bamboo lid and includes 2 stainless steel straws.

Which colour will you choose?


What makes a bath more relaxing and therapeutic? Add some magnesium.

To relax your muscles, assist the body to flush out toxins, ease joint pain, muscle soreness and cramps.

Always make sure you are well hydrated before and after a Magnesium salt bath, so drink up your water or herbal tea and relax!


Some of our favourite immune boosters!

Soft, simple and sustainable

BOODY is an Australian sustainable apparel brand that creates everyday essentials from innovative eco-friendly materials. The brand’s experience in health and wellness combined with their passion for the environment inspires them to create basics that truly better your world.

We currently stock best sellers from BOODY Basics, BOODY Lounge and BOODY Baby.

Our BOODY range is available in-store only. Contact us to purchase or put something aside for you.

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